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The Kitten Bonnet ~ A Vintage Inspired Winter Hat to Sew

Even though I can smell Spring in the air, the cold sea winds in the little Coastal Town in which I live are still bitter so something to keep head and especially ears warm will be a necessity for a while yet. I've been obsessed with 1930's and 1940's ski wear forever, and after making a little bonnet for a dear friend this past Christmas, I thought why not get the pattern out there for vintage inspired seamstresses to enjoy too?!

Along with photographs of starlets and illustrations in my vintage sewing guides, I found these images of winter bonnets on Pinterest and just love them all!

When I was initially developing my sewing resources and the aesthetic idea of them, I wanted to retain the look and feel of vintage patterns, their instructions, illustrations and packaging! I'm so pleased with the outcome! It's exactly how imagined them only better! And I feel they're a unique product within the wonderful world of dressmaking and sewing crafts that I have loved for most of my life.

I feel like a pixie wearing my bonnet and I want my hair to hurry up and grow so I have lots of curls for ultimate vintage glamour!

I haven't been able to stop making my Kitten Bonnets! They take such a small amount of fabric and are a really quick and simple make so can easily be sewn and worn within the same morning! I've made these 3 so far, with silk or Liberty Print linings and vintage ribbon ties. I want to make some in lovely woollen felt with embroidered flowers on the side and possibly 1 in tweed or tartan???

I had to really think about the outer packaging for my patterns ~ I've published a zine {The Full Circle Skirt Sewing Guide} and some PDF patterns {The Calypso Tiered Skirt and my Vintage Tassel Beret} and printed patterns were on the cards but prohibitive in terms of production costs, but small patterns were totally feasible.

I've always been disappointed with commercial patterns I buy as the packaging is often uninspiring and tends to fall apart. I've found this to be true of lots of independent patterns too unfortunately. Why pay for expensive printing for something that won't last. I don't have the budget or the patience for that! I love how most patterns were mail order and that got me thinking ENVELOPES! And I just adore these vintage looking string fastening ones and when I found them with windows, I nearly fell over with excitement! PERFECT!

Each pattern comes with a full size printed pattern, detailed step by step instructions, a printed illustration and a postcard. For more info, take a closer look at the Kitten Bonnet.

My favourite version is probably this leopard print one and I keep wearing it around my house because I just love it so much and while there's still a chill in the air, why not?

I'm now working on my next patterns, both printed, pdf and zine formats, so the rest of this year is gong to be full of new things for me and my little independent brand!

I can't wait to share it all with you!

Stay safe & well,

Tara x

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