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Tara's Stitch Coven on Patreon ~
What exactly is Patreon?

Patreon is a platform where creators like me create exclusive content for kindred spirits like you for a small monthly subscription fee! 

I think of my Patreon ~ Tara's Stitch Coven, as my online classroom ~ the place where I teach people how to pattern cut and sew their own dream clothes! 

Each month I create tutorials and related resources for my students/coven members to work through and enjoy. I focus on pattern cutting & sewing with lots of fashion history and little peeks into my life in my little cottage by the sea.

As well as connecting with a really lovely community of fellow dressmakers and myself, each month you get access to the monthly project and relevant resources, the Tea With Tara Talk and a Livestream PLUS all sorts of other goodies

I have 3 Tiers at Tara's Stitch Coven ~ Starlet, Diva & Icon and each one offers you different treats & rewards  so you can customise your experience to suit your purse, time and needs! And if you're unsure which subscription tier is right for you, you can follow along for free and enjoy the free content I share each month

Vampires Wife Patreon Signpost ~
Biba Patreon Signpost ~
Middy Block Patreon Signpost
Draping Patreon Signpost ~
Sewing My Dream Wardrobe ~ The Gwendoline Skirt ~
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Tea With Tara ~

On the 13th of each month, I sit down with a cup of my beloved Earl Grey, and deliver a very informal 'lecture' about an area of Fashion History & Culture that I find both interesting and inspiring and hope that you will too!

Past topics have included: The history of the sleeve, The Love Heart in Fashion, Victorian Mourning Etiquette to name just a few.

Each month, my talks are accompanied by book recommendations and lots of visual notes to further inspire you and your sewing adventures!

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