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Planning A Capsule Wardrobe to Sew for a Summer Holiday

I've recently been dreaming of a trip to Venice, one of my favourite destinations in the whole world and thinking of the capsule wardrobe I'd put together for my dream holiday.

Any occasion is the opportunity to get sewing and a holiday capsule wardrobe is so much fun to plan, so I thought I'd share my ideas and how I plan my makes in this journal post. There is also a YouTube video to accompany this article, if you'd like to see more!

The first thing I do is consider where I'm going and what activities I'll be doing when I'm there. I'm a culture vulture and sightseer wherever I go rather than a beach bunny so I know I'll be needing some nice dresses and/or separates both casual and a slightly dressier option for hanging out sipping cocktails. I might write a list in my sketchbook or create a Pinterest board for reference and whilst a holiday is an option to be a different version of yourself and have fun experimenting, I tend to stick to my tried and true style.

I think it's a really good idea to 'shop' your wardrobe here ~ what do you reach for when it's hot? What's comfortable and stylish throughout a whole day? What makes you feel incredible? Chances are, sewing up some new versions of these wardrobe heroes will make a very successful capsule collection for you to enjoy on your travels!

Once I have my list of garments to sew, plus any extra pieces and accessories I need to find whilst out thrifting, vintage or otherwise, I think about colour palette and fabrics.

My go to place to start is always Liberty London and their glorious prints! For the sake of this fantasy capsule wardrobe, I've let my heart go wild for lots of their Tana Lawn cottons both from their classic and seasonal collections, but in reality I would need to be more considered. I've stuck to my signature palette of pink, black and ivory because then I know the pieces I make have longevity in my wardrobe beyond my fantasy vacation. I would also choose a base fabric or 2, possible a linen or linen/rayon blend and maybe a gauze for blouses and lighter weight casual dresses.

You can have so much fun choosing your print {or2!} and then adding complimentary fabrics to build up your collection. By adding a few handmade accessories as well as firm favourites already hanging out in your wardrobe or a couple of vintage finds, you'll have a vintage inspired capsule wardrobe that adds to your whole sense of adventure and enjoyment whilst you're on holiday!

My capsule wardrobe comprised of 2 dresses, one more formal, maybe a 1930's or 1940's tea or shirt dress and my trusted Greta dress, which is light and airy and looks incredible in Liberty Tana Lawn!

I used Simplicity 8654, a lovely 1940's reproduction pattern for all 3 pieces and did a hack on the little tie blouse to create 3 differing versions to further extend my capsule wardrobe collection.

I also made a version of the blouse from Simplicity 8447, heavily adapted by me over the many times I've made it, and a little halter top from Simplicity 8645. By playing around with the combinations you get so many outfit options ~ Pair the halterneck with the shorts and it looks like a playsuit a la 1935! { I go into all the combo's in my video mentioned above!}

I also made a pair of trousers, the Lucille trousers by Gertie available on her Patreon and 2 skirts: one from the Simplicity pattern and my own Calypso skirt which is an easy breezy tiered skirt with an elasticated waist ~ perfect for eating lots of gelato when idling down Venetian canals and enjoying the romance of the Gondola!

I would also sew some accessories and I'm loving my new & exclusive pdf sewing pattern, the Ingrid Belt over on Tara's Stitch Coven on Patreon.

By sewing each item in one fabric option, you end up with about 20 outfits so sewing a couple of versions further extends your capsule wardrobe and I'm sure you will have the time of your life, wherever you're headed for your dream holiday!

I'm off to sew and pack for my imaginary holiday to Venice but I hope this has inspired you and your holiday Capsule Wardrobe sewing plans!

Bon Voyage!

Tara x

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