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Introducing the Siouxie Blouse

The perfect blouse for lounging in and relaxing on your chaise longue this Festive Season!

The thing I love the most about sewing my own Vintage Inspired collection of wardrobe treasures, is that I can fulfill my most ardent style conundrums in a way that works for my shape and {limited} budget! Most recently I've been thinking about what to wear around the house that isn't leisure wear {I'm allergic to a track suit!} or PJ's. I found some beautiful examples of what I had in mind in the Vogue Sewing Pattern book from October 1937 which you can read about here.

I've also been lusting after The Vampire's Wife trousers and button up blouses, which to me look incredibly 1930's in style. The brand is a favourite of mine, probably because it exudes Old Hollywood glamour mixed with Hammer Horror Vampires! But it is WAY out of my budget...

So the idea of The Siouxie Blouse was born and I knew I wanted to create it as my Patreon project over at Tara's Stitch Coven for what I'm calling Nurturing November.

After a very gruelling few months, I really needed to spend some time nurturing myself, dealing with health issues and taking time to decompress. And my Siouxie blouse has really been the balm for a most relaxing few weeks.

I take you through the pattern cutting to create your own Siouxie blouse and there are some general construction tips although I'm revisiting some specific sewing tips and tricks in an additional tutorial which is on it's way for my dear Coven members. I still need to tweak my pattern as I'm not 100% happy with how the buttons are sitting on my first sample but I shall perfect with my next version.

The magic of this blouse is all in those sleeves and they make me happy whenever I put this blouse on. I will definitley be adding those to other garments as they really do bring the glamour to the occasion! And I love the idea of making this in a velvet and wearing it as a jacket over 1930's style tea dresses. Another project to add to the list!

As I age, I realise that the moment of style I love the most is probably 1936 to about 1941. And whilst there are many moments in fashion from the 30's to 50's that excite me, the clothes of these few years fill my soul with longing. And so, I shall re create them in my little sewing room in my cottage by the sea. What a joy!

I picked up these little pom pom suede slippers off of Vinted recently ~ they make me feel like a little vintage Pierrot. A perfect and sustainable accessory for the Siouxie blouse.

I love this wrap pyjama set too ~ so comfortable and easy to wear around the house so I'll have to look for a pink with black polka dot fabric to make my own version at some point in the not too distant future.

I love to put together a mood or inspiration board when dreaming about things I could make as it helps to clarify my ideas. This Vamps Wife set in the prettiest pink brocades inspired me to use a vintage fabric I had been sent by my dear friend Hannah. An original fabric from the late 1930's, it was a real joy to use and I really do love a pink!

If you would like to join my coven and learn to pattern cut and sew your own wardrobe treasures then you can join my coven here~

I hope that as we head into this festive season, you're taking the moments you need to nurture and care for yourself! Till next time,

Love, Tara x

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