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Introducing The Greta Blouse & Dress ~

My new Sewing Guide for drafting and sewing a bohemian style wardrobe classic.

One of the many strings to my sewing bow over the years has been costume production and the first job I had many moons ago, was making peasants shirts for a costume drama, the name of which escapes me now.

I’ve always been inspired by folk and traditional dress and my recent creative project {see here} led me down a path that resulted in me developing and writing this new sewing guide based around the concept of the ‘peasant blouse’

Based on traditional folk dress of Eastern Europe and the technique I used forever ago to draft and sew those costumes, the Greta is my take on the bohemian flowing dress that is so versatile and can be worn by anyone!

Drafted straight onto the fabric using simple measurements, Greta is a straightforward and easy make for almost any light to mid weight fabric. The dress versions I have sewn for this lovely photo shoot with the brilliant Georgina Piper, are in linen and a viscose challis and the blouse was made from an antique embroidered French sheet. I think anything that has a bit of drape would be perfect for both versions.

As far as possible, I like the things I do to be kind to the earth’s precious resources, which is why I draft directly onto the fabric. But by all means use the incredibly simple formula & method to create a paper pattern that can be re used again and again because you will want to make Greta over and over again!

I like to style my Greta dress in a 1950’s inspired way with a sun hat and espadrilles but really the design is such a classic it can be worn in a myriad of ways depending on your mood and personal style preferences. And there are so many ways to hack this pattern its unbelievable and I will be sharing my favourite ways over on my IGTV channel, so pop over there to share in the Greta magic and get lots of my sewing and styling tips and tricks.

I’m so proud to share this little booklet with you and my sincere hope is that you enjoy making Greta as much as I do. It’s been a joy to work on this- really a dream come true for me. All my life I’ve loved the craft of sewing and to be able to share this adventure in stitch with like-minded people means the world! As with all my sewing resources for Tara Deighton Atelier, I was joined on this adventure by the brilliant Charlotte Rose Illustration. Needless to say, I’m a HUGE fan of her work!

You can find your copy of Greta in my shop!

I hope you give Greta a go and I can’t wait to see your versions- please tag me on Instagram so I can enjoy your makes!

Happy sewing my Lovelies,

Love, Tara x

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