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Once Upon a Time in Spring....

For as long as I can remember, I've made little sketchbooks/scrapbooks/journals. I find the process both soothing and inspiring and it's a real joy to pick them up years later and see the person I was then. Sometimes they take a more linear diary format and sometimes they're centred around a theme or several ideas building a story together.

I thought i'd share some of the pages from my current sketchbook with you which is sort of like showing you pictures from my brain.

The themes are my favourite fairytale, Little Red Riding Hood, 1950's sun dresses, Bavaria, dirndls, Folk Art and wild old forests and in my head, I'm re telling the tale of the little girl who takes on the Wolf and wins....

I've so filled this book, it's begun to fall apart! So I've had to tie it closed with a vintage grosgrain ribbon.

Images come from all over the place, especially Pinterest where I keep all my visual ideas. You can have a peak here if you're so inclined.

Tear sheets from magazines and pretty trims go together to form the story. I may never come back to this idea but somehow, I've captured it and it's enough for now.

I love this 1950's dress pattern illustration ~ this is one I'll be making for sure! And how lovely would it be in a Liberty print floral?! Perfect for picnics and wandering through ancient woods...

Rough sketches are scattered throughout ~ there are so many ideas in this book that I would love to make!

Another pretty 1950's dress idea and pretty trims and fabric scraps. I need to work on this poise I think!

The Wolf is my favourite animal so that may be why I enjoy the fairytale Little Red Riding Hood but I like the versions where the wolf wins in some way. This embroidery of a cottage was made by my Welsh Great Nana and is a most treasured possession. I'd love to be able to work such fine stitches as she did. And one day, I'd love to create my own vintage inspired fabrics so this sketchbook will be a wonderful inspirational resource then.

I'm moving on to my next sketchbook so this one will go to bed for a while, until I take it out again, add more to it, gain new ideas from it and enjoy it again, like an old friend I haven't seen for a while....

Love, Tara x

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