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Inspirational Women ~ My Nan Gladys

This extraordinary moment in time, when the whole world has practically stopped spinning on its axis, has given me plenty of time to think and reflect, which I’m sure is the same for many of us.

I’ve spent many years working in the fashion and wedding industry and juggling this with teaching and single parenting. There have been lots of things that I’ve wanted to change over the last couple of years but have been either too worried about upsetting the apple cart or too stuck in the cycle. I’ve had to ask myself why I do what I do and how I’m going to move forward.

Whenever I ask myself these big life changing questions, my answers always lead me back to my Nan who has been a huge inspiration to me over the course of my life, even though she passed away when I was 4 and my memories of her are hazy. The essence of her is captured in her pristine 1941 wedding dress, which I treasure and which has inspired my adventures in designing and making wedding dresses.

During the war, she drove ambulances in the blitz and when her daughters were old enough, she became a carer in an old people’s home. And when I was born, she rescued and cared for me.

Along with her wedding dress, I also love these photographs of her when she and my Grandad were officially courting in the late 1930’s. How spirited and vivacious she was. And how beautifully dressed!

The answer to my ‘how’ and ‘why’ presented itself to me while I looked over these treasured images of my Nan, Gladys and I realise that I need a new path, a new adventure that is more in line with my passions and the things I care most about. As the world begins to spin and we return to normal, or whatever that’s going to look like, I want to create a better and happier life and I want to feel a greater sense of purpose in what I do.

So things will be changing at Tara Deighton Atelier. No big announcements or declarations, however, just a slow and calm unfolding of my new journey. I can say, though, that there’s going to be lots of sewing because that is, and will always be, my life’s passion.

I hope you will join me on this journey as it unfolds!

Wishing you love and health,

Tara x

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