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Berets for the Witching Hour

With the onset of Autumn, the longer evenings and the distant cackle of broomstick riding witches on the salt sea breeze {You will hear them if you listen hard enough!}, I begin to want to spend my evenings curled up with my cats and enjoying the methodical peacefulness that is knitting!

My Vintage Tassel Beret is based on a vintage pattern that belonged to my mother, who was mad for a beret and is a simple and quick knit that requires only 1 50g ball of DK wool. The pattern is available in either printed format {here} or as a digital download {here}

I've also put together some kits {purrfect for gifts as we approach gifty season!} all based on my love of classical horror films and my gothic sensibilities. I am one of those beings who feels it is Halloween all year round or it should be and feel most myself once we get passed September and Samhain and the Yule festivities are on the the horizon.

I've added a new colour this year and it's my favourite shade of green ~ ARSENIC! A silent and deadly poison, used as a dye in cloth and wallpapers in Victorian homes and fashion. Heat and moisture would cause the poison in the dyes to vaporise giving a new meaning to the notion that someone has 'the vapors'... See here for full details.

I love how this shade of green matches my beautiful MacMillan Collectors edition of Edgar Allen Poe's collected tales of Mystery & Imagination. I shall be reading this on stormy evenings in the colder times to come.

My Vintage Tassel Beret kits are also available in Night Work, Spooky, Bleeding Heart,

And finally, and possibly my favourite ~ Shocking! A most vibrant shade of shocking pink!

I wrote a journal piece sharing my inspiration for each of these colours which you can read here, if you so wish. They're available in very limited numbers and once they're gone, they're gone!

I wish you a very Happy Spooky season and beyond,

Tara x

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