• Tara Deighton

The Ultimate Style Accessory ~ The Beret

'She wore a

Raspberry beret

The kind you find in a second hand store'

Raspberry Beret, Prince

I have always loved a beret and there really is no simpler way to add an element of chic retro style to your wardrobe. They suit every style, every age, every budget!

My mother used to make velvet berets that she would applique and embroider and loved a knitted beret, which is why I developed the design for my Vintage Tassel Beret. She also loved Prince's 'Raspberry Beret' which always makes me think of her, sitting cross legged on the floor dreaming her dreams and sewing her berets. I found a very old, crumpled vintage pattern for a 1930's beret in her enormous stash when I was clearing her flat so many moons ago now and have knitted many variations of it over the years.

Sadly the original pattern has disappeared, but I'm so pleased to have written it down, developed the design and now released it so fellow knitting addicts can give it a go!

The pattern is available as a PDF downloadable pattern and as a printed pattern depending on what format you prefer.

And I've put together some limited edition kits based on the Halloween season (it's not Autumn~ it's Halloween until Christmas as far as I'm concerned!). Each kit contains the pattern booklet, a 50g ball of mixed synthetic fibre wool and a postcard to help you make the tassel.

Witches Brew ~ A lovely wool/synthetic blend tweed on a deep claret base. All the little flecks remind me of all the magical ingredients used in a witches cauldron to make love potions. Buy the kit here.

Spooky ~ A pale grey synthetic blend wool which makes me think of swirling mists in graveyards and the spooky things that hide there! Buy your spooktacular beret kit here!

Cat's Tongue ~ The loveliest blush pink which is the exact colour of my lucky black cat, Loki's tongue. Buy the purrfect beret kit here!

Vampire's Kiss ~ A lovely deep burgundy synthetic blend. The colour puts me in mind of remnants left from a kiss from a Vampire. Buy your kit here.

Shocking ~ A vibrant bright pink synthetic blend wool so suitable for those who won't or can't wear pure wool. When I saw this colour, it made me think of Elsa Schiaparelli and the pink she named Shocking so I have named it Shocking too! Buy the kit here!

It's been so lovely working on this beret project and putting together the kits. I'm looking for more Halloween inspired colours because it's so much fun creating the kits and I hope you enjoy them too!

I'm looking forward to the colder weather and wearing my beret's every day and I'm sure I'll be knitting many more over the Winter months in every colour you can imagine!

Happy Sewing & Knitting!

Tara x

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