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At Liberty once again....

There aren't many things I missed during lockdown, other than my dear ones, but a leisurely meander around the iconic Liberty London department store would definitely be one of them!

It has been an enduring love of mine from a childhood playing with Tana Lawn scraps left over from my Aunt's sewing, to making a beeline to buy fabric there when I started dressmaking on a larger scale. My scrap bag of Liberty prints is immense and currently being worked into a patchwork quilt but I have enough for several really at this point!

You can imagine my joy when I found myself in Soho for work and was able to take a little detour to the Liberty Haberdashery department.

The beautiful building, constructed from 2 decommissioned ships in the late 1800's is currently undergoing renovations and it was amazing to see what had been hiding underneath layers of grime, paint and plaster!

Such beautiful carvings and metal work on the store's exterior and I love how the store has been 'covered' with an iconic Liberty Print~ Carline Tana Lawn in a refreshing red.

The Pho dogs are still their to greet shoppers on their way in for treats as are the beautiful blooms by Wild at Heart. Honestly, I could have cried ~ I felt like I was visiting an old friend after a very long time!

There's so much inspiration to be found throughout the store and how gorgeous are these lovely ladies?!

And it so happened to be the summer sale, which always falls on my birthday, so time to treat myself to a new piece of Liberty print Tana lawn!

This print had caught my eye and so I bought myself 2 metres of it and plan to either make myself another of my Greta blouses or possibly have something else in mind. I shall keep you posted!

There were so many other beautiful prints, some new and some classic, but I especially loved these ones this time....

Literally every colourway please!

This one especially fills me with joy ~ I may have to buy it before too long! It would make a beautiful Greta dress! But which colourway?

This print hadn't really jumped at me online but in real life it's truly stunning. The pink colourway would make an incredible Calypso skirt with a little 1940's inspired sun blouse to match!

I have some fabulous new reproduction blouse patterns from the 1940's and this print would just be perfect! Again, a print I didn't notice online but when I saw it in the flesh so to speak, I fell for it!

Although Liberty fabrics are on the more spenny side, I feel they're so worth it. I have garments I made 20 years ago now that I still love to wear and are in amazing condition! Sometimes you really get what you pay for and I feel so happy wearing these prints, a feeling I don't get in either shop bought garments or in some handmade pieces where I've compromised on the fabric because of price. And the fabric is just so wonderful to sew ~ simply pleasure on every level!

I hope you have enjoyed a little meander around Liberty with me, especially if you're unable to make it there yourself and if you'd like to see more, let me know! I would be totally fine with another visit! And another and another and another....

Love, Tara x

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