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A Summers Day in an English Village

One early June morning, my dear friend, Georgina and I took a drive through the lush English countryside to the village of Tenterden in Kent. It's one of my favourite places to spend a few leisurely hours, treasure hunting, cottage lusting, flower gazing and visiting one of my favourite churches, St Mildred's.

We were mainly visiting the lovely Hoop Haberdashery to buy wool for our knitting projects but I was fortunate enough that Georgie brought her camera along and took some gorgeous photographs which I thought I'd share.

This is my favourite dress, The Lana tea dress which was my most popular style for bridesmaids in my past life making Bridal wear. I've made it in a Pima cotton and a favourite vintage inspired ditsy print from Jacobs Haberdashery in Hastings, with a matching face mask because one also needs to attend to ones face wardrobe!

The shoes were found in a charity shop in Tenterden on a past treasure hunt and although they aren't vintage, they have a very 1940's look to them and were brand new when I found them for the princely sum of £6.99. The blush pink colour is one of my favourites and they're so comfortable! Good old Marks n Spankers!

All the gardens were blooming and the bees were busy buzzing around ~ I especially liked that my thrifted embroidered straw bag matched all the beautiful blooms in the lovely gardens of Tenterden. Such a fabulous way to spend a few spare hours and so grateful to be out in the sunshine with a dear friend after such a long and challenging time.

I hope you enjoy these lovely photos that Georgina took and that, if possible, you get to visit this wonderful place that means so much to me.


Tara x

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