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Sewing My Dream Wardrobe ~ A Truly Magical Dress

I've long been obsessed with The Vampire's Wife and I just love everything about her aesthetic. So, unable to afford the price tag for her beautiful creations, I decided to draft a bespoke pattern for myself that I could then make in any {and probably, EVERY fabric I fall for!}

One of the things I want my clothes to do for me, which may be asking a lot, is to make me feel magical! I want to put something on and feel AMAZING. Because, let's face it, there's a lot going on in the world that makes us feel less than great at the moment. And one of the ways in which I nurture myself, is by making myself something nice to wear.

I've had this Schiaparelli Pink baby cord in my stash for decades! I grew up in Walthamstow, which has an amazing market and the fabric stalls and shops were always brimming with fabric gold. I paid the princely sum of £1 per metre for the vibrant pink cord, originally intending to use it for upholstery, but as it was too fine, it remained in my stash until now.

When I found it again, I knew it had to be VW dress and I filmed the whole process for my Youtube channel which you can watch here. There are lots of tips & tricks for sewing with corduroy and I take you through an industrial sewing process, which is much quicker than traditional dressmaking processes.

I put this dress on and feel the most MAGICAL I have ever felt in it! The colour makes my heart smile and I feel glamorous yet comfortable, all at the same time. I'm not surprised that The Vampire's Wife dress won dress of the decade!

I love how my magical dress matches my Vintage Tassel Beret in SHOCKING which is available as a kit here.

I've made a few versions of this dress already and will definitely be making more ~ just watch this space!

There's nothing like a vibrant shot of colour and some frills and furbelow's to cheer the spirit on a grey day ~ this pink is an instant shot of joy. I couldn't be happier and feel more amazing than I do in this dress!

Tara x

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