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Literary Inspiration for Spring ~ The Diary of a Provincial Lady

If you're looking for something light to read, that's funny and full of vintage charm, then you can't go far wrong with this fabulous book ~ The Diary of a Provincial Lady by E. M Delafield!

Written in the early 1930's in diary format, we follow our heroine as she negotiates her life as a genteel wife, mother and her attempts to keep up with societal demands and fashions. I just love her witty perspective on her flaws and failings despite her best intentions. That's something I can relate to!

It never fails to cheer me and I love this limited edition version from Virago with a Cath Kidston designed cover.

Even though I've read this countless times, I still feel like it's a fresh read each time and there's always something new that inspires me. This time, it was her son, Robin, collecting cigarette cards and I remembered the cards I had from my Grandad, who had been a prolific smoker of Players specials in the 1930's and 1940's. I used to have so many of these cards but am sad to say that I sold a lot once when funds were tight { A situation our Provincial lady often finds herself in too!} and regret it most deeply. I kept hold of these wonderful film star ones however, and think I might start to collect them as, to me they are little works of art!

Even better, are the many descriptions of fashions, hair styles and fashion fails within the book and I always think of fashion plates of the 1930's and the glamour of it all! But really there is nothing more glamorous than the wonderful Hollywood film stars of the time!

Please do get yourself a copy of this lovely little book, especially if you need a little emotional boost and want some simple joy in your day! I might even just start all over again and read it through once more now that there is a definite hint of Spring in the air!

Tara x

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