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Introducing The Junebug Jacket ~ A Vintage Inspired Sewing Pattern

One of the items I always seem to be lacking when I'm putting my handmade and vintage outfits together are jackets! Specifically Summer jackets that I can throw on over pretty dresses on cooler Summer evenings. I needed/wanted a jacket that fitted my vintage style, could be casual but could also work with a slightly dressier outfit and that's when the idea of a 1940's {ish} inspired swing style, duster jacket started to spark in my mind!

I love Vintage French work wear, especially the chore jackets and dresses in indigo shades of faded denim but it's horrendously expensive to buy and really I didn't want something worn as it can look too casual. So I decided to take elements from examples I've seen and mix them in with details from 1940's Swing coats, both sewing patterns from the time and original versions I've seen irl and online.

I also LOVED this picture of Marilyn wearing a similar sort of garment to the one I had in mind so I mixed all these ideas up and began doodling.

I also wanted to include some kind of quilting and I've long been obsessed with the Italian quilting method known as Trapunto. I didn't use the traditional method but a sort of faux trapunto by way of decorative stitching details on the cuffs, faced pockets and shaped collar and I absolutely love it how it looks!

I even loved the final toile for the Junebug, made in everyday calico and if I'd put the other sleeve on, I think I would have been happy to wear this too! It looks fabulous in cream!

I made my final version in a beautiful medium weight lavender chambray and it sewed up like a dream ~ by far one of the most enjoyable sewing projects I've done for a very long time!

The Junebug is available as a pdf printable pattern over at Tara's School of Dressmaking and is exclusive to my Diva and Icon tiers. The pattern comes in 3 sizes and has an accompanying step by step video tutorial, written instructions plus all the other support you might need. The Diva tier is £12.50 for a monthly membership fee and you get full access to all the benefits whilst you subscribe which is rather a bargain!

I can't tell you how happy I am with the Junebug jacket ~ the whole project just fills me with joy and I'm already planning a second { and possibly third} version! How lovely in a black twill, or a beautiful denim with pink decorative stitching! And what about an evening version made from black velvet or a black duchess satin! Those quilted cuffs would be INCREDIBLE!

I hope you've enjoyed this brief introduction to my very first full garment size pattern, the Junebug Jacket and if you're interested in joining me for a sewing journey then head on over to my Patreon to see if it's something you might enjoy!

Tara x

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