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Introducing The Elsa Hood

I have long had a bit of an obsession with vintage Ski Chic and the little pixie bonnet style hoods that were so fashionable, both on and off piste in the 1930's and 40's. So, I decided to design something along those lines for myself to wear when temperatures plummet and all you want is to keep cosy and warm!

I happened to be re~ reading a favourite tale, The Company of Wolves by Angela Carter at the time and the idea of a hood/scarf combo formed in my mind. This all happened last Winter and it has taken till now for the Elsa Hood, my new knitting pattern to be finished and ready to go out into the wilds.

Knitted in Aran weight wool, the Elsa is a ribbed scarf with shaping to create a gorgeous little pixie hood, perfectly snuggly and perfectly chic!

I think Elsa makes a great beginner knitting project, as long as you've got to grips with the basics of a knit and purl stitch and are happy to tackle a little bit of increasing and decreasing ~ practise very much makes perfect!

I knitted my Elsa in a lovely wool blend in my favourite shade of dusky pink and I matched the pattern illustration to the sample I made ~ I love to make my patterns look pretty and I'm very grateful that my Lovely Charlotte does such an amazing job on the magicking of patterns!

I want to knit another Elsa in black, maybe something fuzzy and luxurious and swap out the tassels for pompoms ~ giant faux fur ones preferably. But I'd also like one in cream! And red would be rather wonderful too! I really do wish I was a quicker knitter!

You can get your copy of the Elsa Hood here if you're looking for a simple and quick winter project to while away those long winter evenings.

If knitting isn't your thing but you love a pixie style bonnet, then my sewing pattern, the Kitten Bonnet might be just perfect as a quick project to get that vintage ski chic style!

I hope you enjoy the Elsa Hood as much as I've enjoyed designing and bringing her to life ~ she's named for my favourite designer, Elsa Schiaparelli and I'm so incredibly proud of this pattern!

I shall be wearing my Elsa throughout the Winter and knitting up other versions as quickly as I can. I can't wait to hear about your Elsa's and hope you keep cosy and warm on these freezing winter days,

Tara x

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