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#MakeNINE for 2021

As I sort through my wardrobe at the change of seasons, I realise that there are some significant omissions that would be grateful additions in the months to come. As a passionate {obsessive} dressmaker, I tend to focus on the momentary desires, the quick fixes, the sudden impulses and items that are much needed are never considered or brought to life….

So I decided to give myself the Make Nine framework as a way of guiding my plans for 2021. There are 3 significant areas in my wardrobe that are lacking; These are Nightwear, Lingerie and Outerwear.


I have lots of jersey P’J’s that are old and familiar. But I can honestly say that when I put them on, I feel instantly depressed which is not conducive to wellbeing and a good night’s sleep.

My favourite thing to wear is a white cotton ‘granny’ night gown! Sexy it is not, but it’s incredibly comfortable and exactly what I need! I feel all Lucy Honeychurch* in it and that’s good enough for me! So some kind of cotton lawn nightie is on the list!

{*A Room with a View}

As part of this wardrobe area, I include loungewear which I had never given a second thought to before!

I have to admit, I don’t own a single pair of leggings and other than 1 cream ‘leisure suit’ with ruffles on it {basically a tracksuit} from Marks n Spankers, I have nothing practical to lounge around in! I’m thinking Dita Von Teese in her house tour video {So fabulous!}, silk/satin 1940’s style lounge sets, housecoats and delicate embroidery! Makes my mouth water just to imagine….


Over this past year I have graduated to the big knicker club and I’m proud of it! As I tend to wear more vintage styles and feel more comfortable in them, I’ve realised that modern lingerie shapes just don’t work for me. They never really did so now, as part of my Make Nine, I’m going to address the area of ‘rigging’ and create some really wonderful lingerie staples for myself.

This shouldn’t be too much of a stretch as I used to make corsetry and boudoir lingerie in my bridal days!

I found this bra pattern ~ the Cindy Vintage Style Longline Bra Pattern by Ohhh Lulu. That's currently in my basket to buy but I've already bought the Betty high waisted knickers via her Etsy shop.

I also need some slips as I wear mine {Again from M&S} ALL the time. But I want mine in silk as there's nothing more lovely than the caress of silk on the skin!

I shall enjoy adding vintage lace and decorative embroideries to my Lingerie. It won't be seen by anyone but I shall know it's there!


I have lots of coats, I admit it! But I don’t have either a lighter weight one for Spring or warmer Autumn days or a waterproof one for all the weather we have here by the coast!

So, I’m going to make myself a black gabardine Mac, a trench coat of some kind that has a fit and flare shape and big sleeves. I’ll be drafting the pattern myself and I hope that I don’t feel like a dirty old man the moment I put it on, which is how I’ve felt in every thrifted and vintage trench I’ve ever put on!

And then to wear on the many days that seem to be all about driving winds and rain, a waterproof and stylish coat that looks good over vintage dresses! Something Little Red Riding Hood would wear on her way to visit Granny if she had to walk along Hastings Sea front to do so!

This Vogue pattern is still in print and I've seen some fabulous versions made up by fellow vintage inspired dressmakers, so I'll be grabbing a copy and sourcing some lovely waterproof fabric and lining to make my own.

The #MakeNINE List ~

1~ Granny Nightie {times several}

2~ Satin Lounge set ~ 1940’s style

3~ Slip/petticoat in black and peach and ivory.....

4~ Big knickers {Many}

5~ Waspie

6~ Long Line Bra

7~Suspender Belt

8- Dior style Trenchcoat

9~Rain mac – Hurricane and tsunami proof with a hood!

So my #MakeNINE is going to be rather more than 9 items {Mathematics was never my thing!} but I'm so excited about getting going on this sewing adventure! It's going to be a project that takes me through the rest of the year and I look forward to letting you know how it goes! Will I remain resolute and have a lingerie draw full of comfortable, vintage inspired, beautiful 'smalls'? Will I wake up each morning in gorgeous negligee and greet the day with a song in my heart? And will I finally solve that style versus weather conundrum that has irritated me for so long?

I shall keep you updated about my #MakeNINE journey as I go because really it's about the journey rather than the destination! Wish me luck!

Happy Sewing,

Tara x

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