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Inspirational Women ~ Happy Birthday Miss Monroe

On what would have been Marilyn Monroe's 96th birthday, on the 1st of June, I want to recommend some fabulous books about this icon of the Silver screen.

I've always been rather obsessed with Ms Monroe's style. Not the glaringly sex bomb persona that I feel she was often reduced to onscreen, but the way she chose to dress herself in her everyday life. I ordered these 2 books to research a recent YouTube video I did about Marilyn's style from my local library but feel both are well worth adding to your book shelf should funds allow.

In Marilyn Monroe ~ Platinum Fox by Cindy De La Hoz , Marilyn's cinematic outfits are chronologically documented with only a couple of omissions {For example, The Misfits isn't referenced visually} and there are some incredible pieces from her film wardrobe that she also adopted into her own everyday style.

This is a lovely book ~ totally fascinating and well worth a spot on your coffee table.

The book spans her entire career and there are dozens of incredible behind the scenes photos and stills from most of her films. A total feast for the eyes!

All of the most spangly and iconic costumes are documented, but I particularly love the pieces she adopted into her every day wardrobe ~ she really had innate style and looked incredible in each decade, from the 40's pin up style to the stylish and modern woman of the 1960's. I feel she was the perfect example of dressing for your body type, of knowing what works and somebody who moved with the times!

I didn't realise how much I needed a pale pink Aran hand knit in my winter wardrobe but now it's added to my knit it list. She always looked so scrumptious, so I might even go all out and find a pink cashmere to knit my own version. I'll probably wear mine with more than a pair of fishnets however...

I love the notion that Marilyn looked like a baked alaska dessert! There WAS something edible about her ~ sweet and tactile. I think it's in part due to the choice of fabrics she made. All luxurious, tactile and slightly sensual.

The other book that I've thoroughly enjoyed because it gives a far more empowered and nuanced look at Marilyn is The Girl by Michelle Morgan. There's even a Marilyn Monroe Lookalike Beauty pageant image taken in Hastings which I couldn't share because of image rights so you will simply have to buy the book to see! It really is a fabulous read and well worth it.

I'm so pleased to share my Birthday month with a much loved muse and I will be sending a little Happy Birthday wish her way on this, and every, 1st of June.

I close with a favourite image of Norma Jeane wearing a T sweater and gorgeous wrap skirt {Which I'll be showing my students how to make over at Tara's School of Dressmaking in the not too distant future!} ~ I'm pretty sure she would have been on Team Tara had we ever met and that we would be best of gal pals!

Tara x

Disclaimer: Some links included in this piece might be affiliate links. If you purchase a product/service through these links, I may receive a small commission. There is absolutely no additional charge to you and I'm forever grateful for your support. It helps me create the content that I love to make and hope that you enjoy!

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