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A Mid Year Revamp

It has been on my mind for quite a while now that I need to change things up a bit! And the halfway point of the year always feels like the right time to do such a thing, so with the 1st of June as my revamp day, I got cracking with the mammoth task of overhauling my business, my sewing school and myself.

I'm lucky enough to have a very dear friend who happens to be an incredibly talented photographer and she kindly took a few pictures of me to show this new phase of my life across all my branding. I sent her images of Hedy Lamarr and work by surrealist photographers to give her the aesthetic I wanted and her photographs are just everything I could have hoped for!

You can find Georgina Piper Photographer here and her new photographic studio Buchanan Studios Sussex is opening this Summer! I highly recommend her!

Alongside the images, I wanted to give my Patreon a spring clean so I asked my lovely Charlotte to help me develop new graphics around my new sewing school name of Tara's Stitch Coven and I'm just thrilled with the result ~ my patrons/coven members are loving the change up too!

This image makes me feel like a Buccaneer Seamstress, which I may introduce myself as when I'm asked what I do! After all, I love to travel through time and raid the fashion archives for my sewing inspiration!

There's a long list of things to move forward, develop and launch and I'm excited for the adventures on the horizon but for now I'm going to enjoy this little moment, such an important thing to remember to do, and dream and scheme about all the magic that can happen when you have a heartfelt goal and beautiful people around you to help make it happen!

Love, Tara x

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