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Sewing My Dream Wardrobe ~ The Bouquet Blouse

I have recently embarked on a long term personal project exploring the work of the great Elsa Schiaparelli. I wanted to really get my teeth stuck into something where I could develop and creatively learn new skills and try out ideas and techniques that I haven't had the opportunity to so far in my career as a pattern cutter or as a teacher.

Recreating historical garments is a big thing on YouTube, where I spend a lot of my time creating content, and the main eras seem to be the 1890's, Regency or late 1700's. As much as I love costume and really enjoy watching fellow YouTubers go through this process, making an Edwardian walking outfit just wouldn't be me. But recreating clothes from the 1930's and 40's is exactly my cup of Absinthe and something I've been doing since the early days of my channel.

The thing that really floats my boat is the idea of recreating 1930's Schiaparelli so I started with this blouse, held in the Met Museum collection. The embroidered embellishment of a bouquet of roses was done by legendary embroidery house, Lesage. They create a trompe l'oil effect which was very much part of Schiaparelli's design aesthetic, trickery and humour against a chic background.

I decided to re create this blouse as accurately as I could and show my wonderful Patrons over on Tara's School of Dressmaking the whole process.

Over a series of lessons and with supporting downloadable resources covering the pattern cutting and embellishment of the blouse, which I named the Bouquet blouse, my students/patrons can sew a long with me and make a Schiaparelli reproduction blouse of their very own!

I used my stash of treasured silk off cuts leftover from my Wedding Dress days, Czech glass beads and bought ready made leaves and sequin bows to complete the embellishment, which is one of the loveliest things I've done and a glorious way to while away an afternoon.

I know this isn't the most practical of things to make but sometimes you just have to go with your flights of fancy! And I guess I'm not really a practical sort of gal, not where style is concerned anyway!

I'm over the moon with how my blouse came out ~ the pattern is incredibly versatile and I imagine I shall make up a version {or 3!} in Liberty print or other treasured vintage fabrics at some point.

My bouquet blouse and evening skirt was such a dream project for me and I'm especially in love with my rose strewn blouse. I will be wearing it both day and evening for many years to come, pretending I'm attending an elegant Parisian soiree back in the early 1930's.

I hope that amongst your sewing projects, you make room room for ones that allow your imagination to soar and your dreams to come true!

Tara x

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