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Introducing The Dressmakers Journal ~ A Sewing Planner for the Home Dressmaker

It has long been a dream of mine to create some kind of Sewing Planner or Journal, a place to keep all my ideas and inspiration for my sewing projects. I tend to have numerous sketchbooks, random bits of paper, doodles, ideas saved on various social media platforms and, as a consequence, feel overwhelmed and my handmade wardrobe isn't as cohesive as I'd like it to be as a result.

The Dressmakers Journal began life as a way to solve this problem for myself and I had no real idea of making it a resource available for other dressmakers. It was a totally selfish notion and a way for me to overcome my ADHD and overwhelm. I've loved using these resources and templates so much and have found them so helpful that I thought it might be useful and enjoyable for others to use when planning their own sewing projects.

The Dressmakers Journal

I wanted one place to effectively plan each sewing project, to feel excited about what I was going to make, and also to save time, money and resources. The Dressmakers Journal absolutely does all of those and more and I feel that zing of excitement when I use it ~ just like when I was at Fashion College!

I take you step by step through how I plan my sewing, from doing a Wardrobe Audit to Measuring, Pattern Wishlists to Final Sewing Project pages and there are plenty of tips and tricks along the way.

With each planning resource I show you how to use the downloadable templates I've lovingly designed and the wonderful thing is you can download as many as you like!

If you're anything like me, you will have a bit of a fabric stash {Ok, when I say a 'bit' I mean GIGANTIC!} and as many times as I look through it and 'organise' it, I still don't know what I have. I've created a Fabric Stash template so you can keep tabs on all your fabric treasures. All my fabrics are easy to see at a glance and make planning so much easier.

I really love to doodle my outfit ideas as I plan so I've designed a template for you to doodle on too! She's called Myrtle May and you can just print her out then draw and paint your outfit ideas onto her ~ she's an absolute {paper} doll and loves being gussied up!

So grab yourself a copy of The Dressmakers Journal, a fabulous folder to keep it in and get planning and creating your dream wardrobe!

It has been a real joy creating The Dressmakers Journal and I hope you find it every bit as fun and practical as I have!

Tara x

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