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Sewing My Dream Wardrobe ~ The Anjelica Blouse

I've had a Dirndl obsession FOREVER and an enduring love for this Saint Laurent Rive Gauche blouse from the mid 1970's so for my June project over at Tara's Stitch Coven on Patreon, making a version of this for myself was the perfect choice.

I took my patrons/coven members through the pattern cutting process in a very simple to follow step by step tutorial and it has been wonderful to see some lovely versions being made already! A detailed sewing video is on the way plus a bonus for my top tier members, a detailed look at all the ways the Anjelica blouse can be hacked and adapted!

I'm over the moon with my blouse and have so many versions I'd love to make. It's such a versatile wardrobe hero as it can be styled in a myriad of ways! Seventies Glamour, RenFair, Boho Chic, Historybounding and the list goes on ~ I can't wait to get stuck into all the options in the bonus episode!

Versions of this Dirndl style blouse were also seen on the catwalk in the collections of both Andreas Kronstaler for Vivienne Westwood and The Vampires Wife, 2 of my current favourite fashion houses and the style has been part of traditional folk dress for centuries.

I made my version out of a black cotton poplin and lined it in a vintage Liberty Tana Lawn and I styled it up with a vintage Nicole Farhi embroidered Dirndl style skirt, my Malmaison knitted rose corsages {you can find the pattern here} and a woven leather belt from Marks & Spankers. I went for the whole fairytale/milkmaid look and LOVE it! After all, sewing your dream wardrobe means living out your romantic fantasies, No?

I also styled the Anjelica Blouse with my trusty black full circle skirt and know that I'll be wearing this outfit constantly throughout the year.

I added a handmade belt with a vintage celluloid buckle and some beautiful love doves and I really feel this outfit is just so perfectly me which is exactly how I want my clothes to make me feel!

Tara x

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