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A Summer Lookbook

Even though I think of myself as more of an Autumn person, I've enjoyed my Summer Wardrobe this year and I thought I'd share some of my favourite makes and looks I've worn this season. I'm very fortunate to count amongst my closest friends, the amazing photographer Georgina Piper and we had a lovely day doing this shoot around the Old Town of Hastings.

I used to hate being photographed but Georgie has the knack of putting you at your ease and she takes the most beautiful pictures. I was so happy with her photographs and as I said to her she photographs the best version of yourself, even if you can't see it yourself.

I made this dress many moons ago from a cotton duvet cover I bought in a charity shop. It was inspired by Vivienne Westwood, who I love and find so inspiring. I feel so good wearing it, glamorous and comfortable in one. It never fails to make me feel amazing! I cut this pattern myself but Colette has a pattern which is very similar.

How heavenly are these Hydrangeas? We took these images in Swan Gardens which is round the corner from my house.

I always check out charity shops for duvets, fabrics and curtains. It's a very cost effective and sustainable way of adding fabric to your stash and you can't go wrong with gingham!

This little sun top is the perfect example of this ~ I made it from a vintage curtain panel I bought in a charity shop many moons ago for pennies!

It has gorgeous little fairies on it in perfect colours and I absolutely LOVE it!

This little top which takes up only a metre of fabric, is perfect for those small leftover lengths you have in your stash. To find out more about this perfect pattern, see here.

I've made quite a few of these so far this year!

This wrap dress is one of my favourite all time makes. It's my own pattern and based on a 1930's dressing gown pattern. I've made quite a few for bridesmaids and even wedding dresses! (What's not to love about a wrap dress? They're super flattering, easy to wear and you can eat cake!)

This beautiful vintage inspired fabric is from Minerva Crafts and comes in a few colourways but I love dark florals so went for the black.

Continuing the wrap theme, I drafted this simple wrap top and used my favourite sleeve draft, the one copied from my Nan's wedding dress. The blue gingham version was also made from the charity shop duvet cover and I really love it. I feel like it possibly makes me look a bit larger than I am, but I'm not especially bothered by those thoughts anymore.

These faux sailor trousers are made using an old Burda pattern, the number of which escapes me! A proper pair of sailor pants is on my make list however and I have a vintage wool pair to use as inspiration. I don't often wear trousers but I've worn these loads so must make a few more pairs.

One of my most worn outfits is this black cotton sateen full circle skirt and black gingham sun top. The circle skirt is drafted using my pattern cutting and sewing guide, see here. And there's a youtube sewalong if you want to see how it's made! I've made quite a few of these this Summer and have found them perfect for balmy Summer days and the unexpected heatwave we've had.

I've really enjoyed my Summer wardrobe this year and have lots of ideas for next Summer. But now my thoughts are turning to Autumn and what my wardrobe will need and what I want it to be for the shorter and colder days on the horizon.

For now though, I shall continue to enjoy wearing my Summer wardrobe and the last lingering rays of Summer Sun.

Tara x

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