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Tea Dress Perfection

Anyone who knows me, knows of my deep love for Liberty print fabrics, which I've been using to make things since I was little. You may also know of my 1940's Tea dress obsession! So imagine my happiness when I saw that Liberty had launched a range of their own patterns and there was a vintage inspired Tea dress of dreams to be made.

I immediatley ordered a copy (Get your copy here!) and I knew EXACTLY which Tana Lawn I'd be using! This beautiful sweetpea and cobweb Liberty print is from the 1930's and is my favourite of all time. I ordered it from Shaukat in London in the lilac on cream colourway and I got making.

The Bella Tea dress pattern was easy to use, and I cut out the size 18 based on the finished measurements on the pattern envelope. This didn't fill me with joy but we all know the discrepancies in sizing in the shops and the same applies to dressmaking patterns. And I've made the decision to just not give a damn about my size, weight or age anymore ~ life is too short!

I didn't make a toile but I did piece the pattern together to check fit, which seemed ok.

I didn't follow the instructions as such because I tend to know how a garment will go together these days and I wanted to use french seams throughout, rather than lining it as suggested. I did read through them and they were clear and made sense, which isn't always the case! I did have to check when sewing the sleeves as they're both darted and gathered on the sleeve head. Overall, this was a pleasurable and straightforward sew and I love the finished dress which I know I will love and wear forever (if possible!), which is exactly how your clothes should make you feel.

I made this lovely dress in an afternoon and I can't wait to wear it! I want to make another version too, possibly in linen and have started the hunt for pale blues or a vintagey pale mauve! And there definitely HAS to be one in black!

If you'd like to read more about my love of Tea dresses then please take a look at this piece I wrote a few moons ago.

I hope you're enjoying a few opportunities to dress up in your favourite outfits and are enjoying the sunshine!

Tara x

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