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A Rose is a Rose.....

Musings on the most Romantic of Blooms

The month of June is awash with the seductive scent of the most Romantic of blooms, the rose. Even though I love so many other flowers, the rose does something to my heart that I can’t really explain.

A favourite make of mine are my little silk rose corsages, based on a 1920’s passementerie tutorial I found once upon a time… Made not to emulate a real flower but to somehow capture the essence of the seductive Rose. The edges left raw to shed and decay just as real petals do.

Some of my favourite images of Roses are by the photographer Nick Knight. So beautiful and lush, the musky smell seems to waft from these romantic photographs and I find them enchanting.

"The voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses"

e.e cummings

This line from the poet e.e cummings sums up for me the romance of love and roses and the headiness that the feeling of one and the scent of the other can inspire. Put them together and you could be undone.

When there are no roses to be found, I like to make myself a refreshing Rose water mist. Perfect for cooling down (keep in the fridge for especially balmy days!) or for using as a toner as part of your cleansing ritual. All you need is a small spray bottle, water that has been boiled and cooled and pure rose water from the supermarket. I half fill my bottle with the water and top up with the rose water and spritz away to my hearts delight.

Wherever you are, I hope you're able to smell the roses and are keeping well and happy!

Tara x

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