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Apres Ski My Lovelies.....?

~Vintage Ski Style Inspiration for your Handmade Wardrobe~

The days and weeks after Xmas can be rather bleak and lacklustre so the idea of pristine slopes, mountains and snow kissed pine trees is hugely appealing to me right now!

Had I the pennies to take me to the chicest ski resort, preferably circa the late 1930's or 1940's, I'd be there! But lack of funds and pandemonium times mean that a winter trip to an alpine idyll isn't possible.

The great thing about clothing and especially sewing a vintage inspired wardrobe is that you can fulfil your fantasies and deck yourself out in whatever garb best suits that fantasy life. I like to imagine I would look as stylish as the vintage beauty above as I glide gracefully down the pristine slopes! And I'm going to have to re~create this whole ensemble at some point but I'm starting with a 1930's ski bonnet to wear should the snow start to fall here on the south coast of England.

My Kitten Bonnet sewing pattern was inspired by all things vintage ski and I've made a few versions now in everything from wool, to faux fur and leopard print!

It's also available in a PDF pattern and if leopard print is your thing, in a lovely vintage faux fur kit

My Kitten Bonnets that I originally made when I published my pattern ~ I'm especially fond of the Ivory faux fur one at the end~ I loved The Smurfs when I was little and Smurfette is a style hero as far as I'm concerned!

For my new version to go with my Vintage Inspired Ski outfit, I used a wool tweed that I was given by one of the lovely ladies in my dressmaking class and a trim from my stash. I lined it with an ivory synthetic satin, also from my stash.

Side note ~ I've lined the various bonnets in both cotton and satin and have found that cotton lined ones stay on my head a little better as they don't slip on my hair.

I'm wearing my angry leopards Annabelle dress with a very old woven leather belt and my Great Nan's pearls {faux, I'm afraid but very much loved!}. The design of the dress is one I made for a film way back when {you can read about it here!}. The fabric is a Liberty Tana Lawn and, whilst this isn't really an accurate vintage look, it's my fun version and the joy of dressing up is expressing your own unique sense of style!

The coat and sunglasses were a charity shop find and the gloves were a gift many years ago. The tippet was my Great Nan's too and I'm looking for a good faux fur to make a wearable version for winter wear. I see this look as my 'watching the slope action while sitting by the brazier drinking brandy infused hot chocolate' outfit!

I would also be packing all of the outfits on my inspiration board below {You can check out my board 'Ski Chic' on Pinterest for even more vintage ski style ideas.}

These gorgeous ladies are both wearing outfits I want to make for my {fantasy} trip!

And your wardrobe isn't complete without a matching knitted bonnet/jumper combo!

In preparation for next winter and the possibility of hitting the slopes {quite literally in my case I fear...} I'll be making a few vintage reproductions inspired by my Ski Chic fantasy ~ watch this space!

I hope you've enjoyed this little flight of fancy with me on this cold winters day! I'm off to sit in front of a roaring fire with a hot chocolate and dream I'm snuggled up in my beautiful chalet overlooking the mountains and pines while the stars sparkle overhead....

Tara x

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