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#Masking For A Friend....

Somebody once said that it's always better to be late to the party than to never arrive at all, so after getting completely inspired (about all manner of ideas!) by re watching The Crown, and a conversation with my Beloved, I decided to raid my beautiful stash of vintage and limited edition fabrics and make some masks.

The episode in series 1 of The Crown, dealing with the smog got me thinking about all the times in history that masks have had to be worn and I found some images that I thought were beautiful over on Pinterest.

I love the details of these gorgeous girls outfits and how fabulous are their accessories?! Although admittedly, the face masks are a little uninspiring!

Who else is finding that mask wearing has seriously ruined their lipstick game? I'm compensating by focusing on my eye make up ~ just like this vintage beauty! I want to copy her whole outfit and is that a circle skirt? I think so! As you know, I'm a little obsessed.

Nothing quite like a romantic stroll in the smog! I don't know who took any of these images, so unfortunately can't credit them but they're so wonderful and I shall endeavour to find the photographers and add credits when I can.

The wearing of masks does not stop romance! On my recent mini Grand tour of Europe, I quite often leaned in to give my Beloved a kiss, forgetful of the mask in the way. And it was in our conversations on the road that he came up with the notion of Masking For a Friend and I began to think I really should make masks. I have so many lovely vintage and one of a kind fabrics and I saw the potential of matching them to some of my favourite dresses!

I have been making my masks with cotton lawn and silk linings because they're very kind to my sensitive skin and I encased the elastic in ruffles (as I used to do on my lingerie) as they're soft on your ears. Masks are a fact of life for the foreseeable, and I'm determined to enjoy the wearing of them so I've added ruffles to make them prettier!

My limited edition Ruffle face masks will be dropping in my shop on Thursday morning if you would like to buy one for yourself or, seeing as we wear them as much for ourselves as for the protection of our loved ones and fellow humans, why not get one for a friend? Perfect stocking fillers and surely we all have enough pairs of socks by now?

I think I'm a bit addicted to making these and I'm eternally grateful to my Beloved for inspiring me so much and coming up with the tagline #maskingforafriend!

I hope you're remaining healthy, creative and warm and are surrounded by love this cold October evening,

Tara x

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