• Tara Deighton

Delta of Venus- Sensual Inspiration

"I had a feeling that Pandora's box contained the secrets of woman's sensuality, so different from a man's and for which man's language was so inadequate. The language of sex had yet to be invented. the language of the senses was yet to be explored."

Anais Nin

I've been so inspired by the beautiful, erotic writing of Anais Nin when designing my lingerie. These 30's inspired silk Crepe de Chine french knickers, worn beautifully by my gorgeous friend Lily and photographed by Georgina Piper, have been named after her. Delta of Venus is such a beautifully written piece of work although some of it is quite difficult to read. If you are looking to explore erotic writing, this is a wonderful place to start.

Tara x

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