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Lingerie- the inspiration

The last few months have been a very exciting time for me as a designer! After the lull of Summer weddings, I had time to reflect and realised that I've come a long way with my business but it still wasn't quite what I wanted it to be. Sometimes you have one of those moments when conversations, random comments, imagery and the universe collide and you suddenly find yourself having a eureka moment!

Mine was after the millionth 'what underwear should I wear?' conversation I had with a bride, looking for underwear for myself for a hot date, reading Anais Nin's erotic collection of short stories and wondering what to do with all the leftover silks I have accumulated. Lightening bolt moment- Make lingerie!

I knew that I wanted to take my ethos of sustainably made and vintage inspired bridal dresses and accessories and apply it to lingerie to create something really special. Originally it was meant to be practical and functional, to be worn under my dresses. But as I got more into the idea of the wedding night and sensuality and the interaction between lovers, I knew my lingerie would be something else. Leave practicality to Marks & Spankers, they do it so well!

I have to say a huge thank you to my friends, both male and female, because it was through conversation over good french wine, that I refined my ideas and my lingerie collection formed in my mind.

I was also incredibly lucky to find my intern Nell, who had just finished her degree in Contour design so I knew the planets had aligned and this journey into lingerie land was meant to be!

Many patterns and samples and a gazillion pairs of knickers later, I had beautiful pieces and an entire collection that I felt completely passionate about and happy with and was ready to shoot. I will share more of that very special day because it really was so magical and I feel so extraordinarily lucky to have such amazing friends and collaborators around me, helping me on my creative journey!

'Lingerie you put on to take off'

My hope for these pieces is that a woman feels AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL in them- regardless of size or age. I want her to feel in charge of her sensuality, to be empowered, to own it, to be emboldened to ask for what she wants.

We spend so much of our head space criticizing ourselves for all of our perceived physical faults, measuring ourselves against others, feeling ashamed, keeping ourselves down. But what if we spoke kindly to ourselves? What if we only measured ourselves against ourselves? What if we decide to love ourself regardless? That, I feel and think is true empowerment!

As a woman in her forties, I know that I am done with keeping myself down, of listening to unkind words I say to myself or that others may say and denying myself because I perceive myself to be the 'wrong' shape or size.

The wonderful Anais Nin said it best in this quote which is my mantra going forward. This is just the start of my journey in this new direction. There will still be bridal and I'm really looking forward to working with some sensational brides next year and also I'm excited to see where the lingerie goes and hopefully, what my lovely customers think about it.

The lingerie will be available to buy soon through my shop in very limited editions, all handmade with love and I will also be offering bespoke lingerie to be worn on your wedding night or whenever the mood takes you!

I hope you will join me on my journey of self acceptance and that this little insight into my creative life and hopes for this new chapter in my life has given you a little inspiration or at least something to think about.

Tara x

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