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Purple- How to wear the colour of the Year

As the brilliant Gogol Bordello suggest, everyone should start wearing purple and when the folk at Pantone proclaim that purple, or more specifically Ultraviolet is the official colour of 2018, you know that purple will be all over the High St come Spring.

Purple, the colour of royalty (real monarchs and also Prince) isn't a colour that makes my heart leap for joy and I'm never one for listening to trend or fashion advice, but on a recent visit to what I consider to be heaven on earth, Liberty London, I was struck by how much I love the colour of their bags, which is ofcourse, Ultraviolet!

I thought I'd put together a few ideas for how I'd embrace ultraviolet on a moodboard and hope this gives a bit of inspiration for those of you who are struggling to think how you could bring a bit of purple into your life.

If you're unsure about wearing a colour, the easiest way to inject it into a look is through accessories- antique amethyst ear rings would be beautiful and purple works particularly well with gold.

You could use ribbons but use real silk to get the gentleness of colour rather than garish synthetics. Try tying one in a bow as a necklace or to finish off a plait or ponytail.

Bridesmaids could wear purple themed real or silk flower crowns to add a dash of the trend.

Purple lends itself particularly well to drapey, vintage style dresses and I painted my Lana dress in the colour and was really pleased- it wasn't at all the colour I had in mind when I designed the dress, but I'd actually like to find the perfect purple silk and make one.

The Manolo's in purple would make a huge statement and where better to wear the colour of the year than on your feet!

There are so many shades of purple to choose from, and I've possibly cheated a bit by not exclusively using ultraviolet alone, but I really like it when you use lots of shades of one colour in a scheme as it adds depth and texture.

If all else fails and you really can't bring yourself to feel the purple love- go for flowers. These ultraviolet anemones are a joy to behold, but so too are Hydrangeas and Lavender!

I hope this has given you some ideas about how to bring purple into your life in even the smallest way- I'm a total convert and will be humming along to Purple Rain for the rest of the year!

Tara x

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