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A Midsummer Night's Dream

In preparation for the Bespoken Fair at The Pilgrim's Rest on 25th February, I took part in a styled photo shoot and was so inspired by the brief we had set, that I designed and made a brand new dress for the occasion.

I started by putting together a mood board based on the theme A Midsummer Night's dream.

Details from the board- McQueen couture dresses, tatted flowers and illustrations by Arthur Rackham

I researched dresses from the Elizabethan era, especially those worn by Queen Elizabeth 1st as well as gowns by both Dior and Valentino.

I used to love making corsets and wanted to incorporate corsetry into the design of this dress, in a subtle way. Elizabethan corsets flattened the silhouette, rather than creating a buxom look.

More details on the board- delicate golds, vintage lace, creams and pale greys. Also Cate Blanchett as Elizabeth in the film of the same name.

I have always loved the dress on the far right by Valentino- always the most beautiful embroidery and embellishments.

I'm in love with Arthur Rackham's illustration of Shakespeare's comic play and was really inspired by the little flowers around the border. I used vintage millinery flowers alongside the lace tatted flowers to embellish the tulle of the gown.

Beautiful pearls in an Elizabethan portrait, vintage flowers and samples of fabrics

A rough drawing of the Titania dress- I wish I was better at illustration.

Beautiful Abi wearing the dress for the photoshoot- My idea of the perfect fairy queen.

I love Abi's tattoo showing through the tulle- it even goes with my inspiration boards.

As the evening drew on, and all the candles were lit, we carried on shooting and I can't wait to see the official images of this particular shot.

I hope you've enjoyed a little glimpse of my design process, inspiration and a behind the scenes peak at the Midsummer Night's dream photo shoot- keep posted for the official pics! I can't wait to share them with you!

Tara x

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