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Goodbye 2017/Hello 2018

Reflecting on the passing year as we head into the new, I realize what an incredibly busy yet fulfilling year 2017 has been on a personal level, but how chaotic and worrying on a global one. This has really influenced much of my thinking moving forward and I’m really excited to share my plans with you!

These are some of my highlights from 2017!

Styled photo shoots

I've been very lucky to work with some incredible people over the past year and basically have a huge amount of fun!

My Brides

I really won the golden ticket with these two beautiful women- Zoya and Abi. It was such a pleasure to make their dresses for them. A highlight of not only the year, but also my creative life!

I was lucky enough to share these brides with Georgina Piper, and am very grateful to be able to share them with you.

On top of weddings and styled shoots, I also made lovely clothes for clients, did a LOT of teaching (Pattern cutting, Fashion and Textiles) at the local college, and launched my own Workshops . I also took part in Coastal Currents, which was a lovely way to meet lots of new people and play shop for a couple of weekends.

A very proud achievement was organizing the BESPOKEN wedding fair with my friend Georgina Piper Photographer

So what's in store for 2018?

Theme for the year 'FLOURISH'

Rather than setting myself impossible New Year’s resolutions (or revolutions as I prefer to think of them) I like to theme my year. This year is themed FLOURISH and I will be focussing on a greater sense of purpose in what I do. For me, that means living more sustainably through my lifestyle choices and continuing my practice ethically.

I have a personal quote that influences all that I do and I warn you, it’s very cheesy but it helps guide me in my choices and intentions and really sums up my purpose in all that I do.


By making small yet informed decisions that are based on kindness to those around us, the greater community and the little piece of earth we inhabit, I really believe we can begin to make positive and far reaching changes.

There will be more brides, lots of lovely frocks, Workshops, Bespoken fairs and styled shoots!

Through this blog, I’ll be sharing my creative journey with as many tips, makes, ideas and inspirations as I can possibly share each week - some focussing on my bridal and bespoke commissions and some focussing on dressmaking and pattern drafting technical knowledge that may be of interest to you sewists out there. All of this will be accompanied by many cups of tea, good eats and the odd cocktail!

I’m really looking forward to all the magic that 2018 will bring and I hope you join me for the journey!

Tara x

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