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A date with Anna Sui

Recently I took a few days off and had a sort of holiday at home. On my list of things to do was visit the Anna Sui retrospective at The Fashion and Textile Museum in Bermondsey- an exhibition I was really excited to see as the American designer had been a major influence on my decision to study fashion as opposed to simply wanting to make clothes.

As a teenager, I was massively into music and as I turned 16, Nirvana was the be all and all. Grunge was where I was at style wise! Kurt Cobain in Courtney Love's vintage tea dresses was the most wonderful thing I'd seen. Admitting to loving fashion though was a huge no and the crowd I ran with were more than disparaging about my 'shallow' obsessions. I hid my love of clothes or thought I did, and it wasn't until reading about Anna Sui and how she used music and culture as her core influence that I decided I could either live my life to please others or live my authentic life and pursue my dreams. I've never looked back!

I thought I'd share just a few of the photo's of some of the highlights from my visit- I've never taken so many but I was in heaven and got completely carried away!

Although small, the exhibition was packed full of Sui's work and one of the things I love about this museum is how un-stuffy it is- you can get right up close to the pieces and really examine them. If you haven't been, get yourself there asap! Find out more about the museum here!

Texture and faux fur- I love the teal colour of this boho glam coat

Star print stockings and silver mules

Incredible inspiration boards- I'd never seen this before and I was so INSPIRED! Also, this is exactly how I do mine! Although, on a smaller scale!

A fabulous corded cape

Beautiful and fun illustrations- taken from the book accompanying the exhibition by Tim Blanks

It was amazing seeing the inspiration, development of design and then the final pieces together.

A beautiful velvet rose flower corsage

As I left the exhibition through the black lacquer wardrobe doors, I sent a little thank you to Anna Sui- if I hadn't found out about her, I may never have taken the step to become a designer myself and I am grateful every second of every day for the wonderful creative journey I'm on!

Tara x

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