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Sketchbooks, Etsy and more on kimonos!

One of my favourite things to do (other than making pretty frocks) has to be putting together inspiration books. I'm reticent about calling them sketchbooks because I don't do much drawing in them. They are filled with magazine tear outs, scraps of fabric, postcards, photocopies and quotes. For me, one of the most relaxing things is to cut and stick pictures into a book- I may be a little obsessed really. I've done this forever and the books I've put together act as a sort of reference library to inspire me.

Last summer, I started this book on Japanese inspired ideas. At the time I had in mind, the idea of making myself a shirtdress and I loved this photoshoot with Japanese styling, vintage colour palettes and one of my favourite models, Guinevere Van Seenus.

I also looked at traditional fabrics and embroidery such as Sashiko and I loved the idea of Boro pieces, an idea that I'm still exploring now with some new products and ideas!

Sometimes, it's not completely obvious how this exploration fits into bridal but I believe it's important not to limit myself too much when I'm developing ideas- the magic always happens in unexpected ways!

It was while I was reading about how kimonos were traditionally made, that I came up with the kimono BOX jacket as an alternative bridal cover up and also the zero waste Zephyr dress.

As part of my commitment to being a sustainable maker, I love the idea of garments that can be made without waste. I save every scrap to make embellishments but both of these designs use up whole pieces of fabric. Another great thing is that they are both really versatile- the Zephyr dress can be worn in at least 3 ways which changes up the look and the kimono BOX jacket goes with literally everything!

The Japanese crepe that I've used here is literally the MOST gorgeous fabric ever! I've put the box jackets up on my Etsy shop. The stunning sashiko print crepe is no longer available so there are only 3 of them in the whole world! I'm working towards putting all my pieces onto my Etsy shop, but it's taking a lot of time!

I hope you've enjoyed this little peak into my creative process and please check out the shop- I'd love some feedback!

Tara x

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