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Flower Crowns in celebration of The Chelsea Flower Show

With wedding season just about in full swing and the start of the Chelsea Flower Show this week, I'm thinking all things blossomy and floral. One of my favourite things is gardening, and whilst I don't have a garden in my seaside home and atelier (I do have a well tended window box!), I do a lot of fantasy gardening on my Pinterest board, 'My Secret Garden'.

I make up for a lack of garden by making my own floral arrangements out of silk and vintage jewels and fabrics that I have found and treasured over the years.

I love the flower shows and their opulent show gardens which I always find inspiring, however full of concrete spheres and metal sculptures they might be- sometimes this can be just as inspiring as the plants themselves! And I absolutely do love a full on, showgirl of a rose!

These sneaky peaks at my sketchbook, show designs for handmade silk flower crowns and some sample blooms.

The Ivory Silk Malmaison flower crowns, above and below, are made from vintage silks and the edges are left unfinished and raw to create a more vintage feeling and to give the feeling of petals fading and falling.

The Malmaison veil,below, which I hand make to order, is crafted from vintage millinery roses and leaves, with silk Malmaison roses, vintage diamante necklaces and vintage lace edged tulle- romantic and elegant. Every single one is a one off, just like the brides who wear them!

I love the idea of these pieces being heirlooms, treasured by the bride who commissioned them, imbued with the happiest of memories, and then handed down to another bride, and so on for generations.

If you are more of a fresh flower girl, then a flower crown made from seasonal flowers and foliage is lovely- just be careful if you are prone to hayfever! The first flower crown below, is from the Vintage Valentine photoshoot and is by Sophie, The Flower Girl.

The gorgeous fresh flower crown below was made for May Day by Bobos Flowers St Leonards.

I think nearly all my designs, whether dresses or accessories are inspired by gardens in some way; whether it's by specific plants or colours I see put together in flower beds or in bouquets or memories from happy times spent in a garden somewhere.

I hope you've enjoyed this little glimpse at some of the floral inspired pieces of my work and that it's given you some fresh ideas! If you're going to the Chelsea Flower Show, have an amazing time and try not to spend too much! And I hope you all enjoy your gardens in full bloom over the summer months!

Tara x

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