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The Ultimate Romantic Wedding Dress- Introducing The Georgina

As a rule I don't design and release collections of frocks which sounds counter intuitive for a wedding dress designer but bear with me! When I design, it has to be with thought and purpose, I have to be inspired and I want to put something good into this world. One of my main inspirations are the women I see around me, whether they're my clients, my friends or famous ladies, past and present.

Over the last year, I've been so lucky to have worked with and then become good friends with local talent, Georgina Piper, and I was inspired to design a dress and name it for her. Not least because nearly all the imagery on my website is by her! And she's an awesome friend and completely inspiring!

The Georgina dress is a romantic and ethereal dress made from layers of blush champagne hued silk Georgette and ivory Crepe de Chine. The embellished waistband is made from tiny seed pearls, embroidered into flowers with silk rosette flowers and the teensiest sequins I have ever seen. It made me think of the sea too for some reason.

I also had Edwardian tea dresses in mind and the Pre- Raphaelite beauties in Lawrence Alma Tadema paintings.

In my mind, I saw the Georgina dress being worn by a free spirited bride, running over the wild hills in the fiery light of a summers eve. It's a testament to how intuitive Georgina is as a creative spirit and genius photographer as this was how she captured the essence of the dress she had inspired in the photo shoot she organised for May Day.

I just love these photos of the beautiful real life couple Lily and Rob taken on the East Hill, just near the studio. One of Georgina's amazing abilities is her ability to capture the love and emotion in the people she photographs. In this, I feel she is truly unique- check out her work here.

The Georgina dress is beautifully flattering for all shapes and sizes, and for the less adventurous, it can be made with an insert in the front- I even made myself a day version with vintage lace at the front and a higher back, so I can safely say, how comfortable it is and I felt so wonderful wearing it.

In fact, the Georgina can be adapted in many ways depending on the needs of the woman it's for.

I hope you've enjoyed meeting the Georgina dress and that it's given you some ideas for your own romantic and bohemian bridal gown.

Tara x

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