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A rose by any other name....

Inspired by The Chelsea Flower show which is taking place in London this week, I've been thinking about new corsages and flower crowns to go with my new styles of wedding gowns that I'm currently working on.

Having always been a lover of all things floral, the Rose has been centre stage of my floral obsession. This may be in part because the rose is the flower of my birthday month of June! It's not only the beauty of the flowers themselves, but the intoxicating scent, the flavour of the petals and the healing properties of the oils. Fresh or dried, the rose is the most sublime of all blooms. That is why the rose has obsessed poets and artists throughout the centuries.

I especially love the old roses, available from David Austen Roses and these pictured are some of my favourites both for colour and scent, although I'm not entirely sure the names of them all. I always take a picture of a beautiful rose when I see it and spend ages with my nose deep in the flower, breathing in the beautiful scent- much to the embarrassment of whoever is with me!

This painting by JW Waterhouse, "The Soul of the Rose" has been one of my favourite paintings forever. I know the Pre- Raphaelites are not that fashionable but I'm an unashamed lover of them, especially the work of Waterhouse! It's the hopeless romantic in me and sometimes you just need something beautiful to look at! I love the name of this painting too- I can easily believe the rose has a soul, so rich and deep is it's beauty.

One of my favourite ideas for a save the date, or wedding invite is to use a postcard of your favourite artwork. I know this isn't as personal as having stationary designed, but it's still a lovely and quick solution if you can't find stationary you like.

This one from is from the V&A, it would be the most glorious bouquet too- imagine the scent!

I love making silk rose corsages for the wrist or to go on my flower crowns and veils. I even spray them with my favourite perfume ( Vivienne Westwood "Boudoir") so that they smell like real roses!

These Malmaison silk roses are waiting to be finished and added to flower crowns. I named this style after the rose called "Souvenir de la Malmaison" which was inspired by Josephine, the famous love of Napolean.

Another historical rose lover was the Queen of France Marie- Antoinette. The beautiful film by Sophia Coppola, a rose coloured palette throughout, could inspire so many ideas for an opulent wedding day. I'll stick with rose macarons for now!

Photo by The Little Squirrel on flickr

A rose themed wedding could be as simple and understated as adding a few roses to the bouquet and table settings or you could really go for it and do the full Marie- Antoinette! Whatever you decide, find a place for the rose, the most romantic of all summer blooms. You will never regret it!

Keep an eye on our Instagram over the next month for more rose themed wedding inspiration!

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